About Aras

In 2019, a group of graduates and experts in the field of pharmacy, with the supports and experiences of Tehran University of Medical Science’s professors and related research centers, founded Aras Pharmaceutical Company based on the principle of innovation. Aras Pharmaceutical pursue two main goals: manufacturing the latest pharmaceutical products and novel formulations which weren’t available in the Iran’s pharmaceuticals market. Secondly, by improving the quality of products available in the market, we hope to put patients’ health and satisfaction, first and foremost.

At the first step, we have tried to bring yesterday's traditional wisdom to tomorrow's innovative health solutions and expand our pipeline with a commitment to maintaining and developing formulations from medicinal plants and herbal medicines.





Innovation is our solution. We develop innovative health care to change lives.


Our vision is to be an innovative pharmaceutical company and create a better everyday life for many people by providing high quality, cost-effective and innovative solutions in medicine and treatment.