Novelty in the formulation of NEONEASTER® has resulted in More Efficacy and Stability with Less Side Effects compared to other available products in the market.

Each NEONEASTER® contains 15 ml oral solution with a dropper. NEONEASTER® has developed from manna of cotoneaster species.

NEONEASTER® oral drops contain mannitol (300 mg per ml) as active ingredient as well as methyl paraben and propyl paraben as preservatives and other minor ingredients.

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  • Mechanism of action

NEONEASTER® oral drops facilitate the healing process by causing osmotic diarrhea and decreased biliary absorption.


  • Indications

NEONEASTER® oral drops are commonly prescribed to treat or help treat jaundice in infants. It is also recommended as a laxative and biliary laxative and to improve liver function.


  • Conventional therapies & NEONEASTER®

This drug can be used with drugs commonly used in neonatal jaundice, such as phenobarbital syrup. It also has a double effect to increase bile excretion with phototherapy.


  • Warnings and precautions

Use with caution, If your neonate suffers from diarrhea or electrolyte deficienc.


  • Dosage

It should be taken as directed by your doctor but is usually prescribed as follows: Take 3-5 drops per kilogram of your neonate body weight orally 3 times a day using dropper.


  • Lactation and Pregnancy

Not applicable.


  • What to do if you forget to take your medicine on time?

Contact your doctor.


  • What to do if you consume more than the prescribed amount?

Contact your doctor.


  • Side effects

Diarrhea, Bloating, Increased abdominal sounds, Dehydration


  • Storage conditions

Make sure the product lid is completely closed. Store the product in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight at room temperature. This product can be used for 30 days after opening the door.


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